Interactive Kiosk The Innovative Electronic Marketing Equipment

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Interactive kiosks getting interesting.
An interactive kiosk is at the cutting edge of the new dynamic marketing revolution, these devices provide the added benefit of interacting with the shopper to raise your brand awareness or to promote your product range.

What are the different sorts of interactive kiosk?
These can vary in size and orientation, from small 42 interactive kiosks in portrait to big 65 touchscreen kiosks in landscape. Let us look at them individually.

Free standing kiosk.

As the name suggests they are an all in one device that once the base is connected the kiosk can be put on the floor and the lcd monitor is at an adults heights, now the difference starts as there are a lot of ways to store the digital media, as well as other ways to update the content.

Standalone kiosk.
These units are a fundamental, entry level digital sign, the advertisements is stored locally on a memory card that is located in a media player that is built into the screen.
Strengths: inexpensive, easy to deploy
Disadvantages: Can only refresh content material manually using a usb drive.

Touchscreen kiosk.
A touchscreen kiosk has a single or multiple touch panel that displays digital content and is used in areas to target particular clients to find out precisely what goods they are searching for.

Just like the standalone kiosk, the interactive kiosk has a commercial grade lcd monitor that has a brightness of 500 cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of 1500:1.

Now the advertising material is kept on an internal hard drive with a 160GB capacity and has the option to connect to a cabled network or even a wireless access point so that content can be uploaded remotely, this is fantastic if the digital sign is part of a much larger network.

These signs are around in both landscape and portrait orientation, depending upon the location the sign will be installed in.

The above solution is good in shopping centres and can be used for way finding as well as electronic marketing.

How can a touch screen kiosk help a business?
When a consumer enters an outlet or traditional bank they may not know exactly what they are looking for, let us look at a bank example first.

A consumer wants to make a frequent savings, but they do not want to encounter any effects if they need some money for an emergency fast, now using a touchscreen kiosk the bank can upload all the data on the products they offer and be titled; savings, savings with quick access, so the buyer would choose the second icon on the lcd tv by touching the screen, then they are taken to another page that asks how much they want to invest every thirty day period, then on the third screen the client is asked what notice they like to work with. This could be an instantaneous access account with a low interest rate or an account that needs 4 weeks notice and gives 7% interest on the savings.

Now the customer can then note the reference number down or go to an advisor who can readily bring all the information up the client has just inputted into the lcd monitor, print out the application form and the customer then signs the form accepting the terms and conditions.

A bank can use this tool to save employees time with dealing with prospects who have no real intention of opening an account.
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Interactive Kiosk The Innovative Electronic Marketing Equipment

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This article was published on 2011/02/04